Sustainability Copywriter: Expert or Allrounder?

Texter für Nachhaltigeit & CSR-Freelancer

When searching for a sustainability copywriter or a CSR freelancer, the question arises whether to opt for an expert or an allrounder. My advice is to look for people who are both, well, as you can imagine, like me.

Of course, selecting an experienced copywriter familiar with sustainability reporting is a no-brainer. You don’t have to explain terms such as ESG, CSR, GHG, SDGs, Scope 3, or CSDDD. That’s a plus.

However, what you truly require is a competent storytelling, content, copy, public relations, and editing professional capable of extracting the core messages, and, starting from that, writing brillant content.


Sustainability copy & contenty heavily rely on storytelling

Sustainability, CSR, and CSDDD related topics pose challenges in regards of creating attractive narratives. Therefore, two storytelling techniques have to be used at the same time:

  • Editorial & Journalistic spirit: Delving deep into topics, meticulously compiling factual data whilst presenting it in an attractive fashion – this can by copy, articles, videos, (hybrid) exhibitions, press releases, LinkedIn posts… depending on your goals at all your target groups / stakeholders.
  • Persuasive Writing: Focus on image-related (and image-enhancing) messaging, closely related to advertising copy, political campaigning, and agenda setting.

A proficient sustainability copywriter with advertising agency background combines these qualities effortlessly.

My offer as a Sustainability Copywriter:

  • Excellent knowledge of the German market. German native speaker, and my English is quite good
  • Really good knowledge about all things sustainable: not just the eco & organic topics, but also supply chain, human rights, labour, geopolitical questions, net zero, energy grid / renewables and whatnot. And above all: I look at it from a global business perspective in a highly competitive world.
  • Developing structure and content of sustainability reports, from title over articles to outlooks – and of course websites and content for (corporate) sustainability projects.
  • Data analysis to identify topics and messages
  • Clear and concise language
  • Consultancy for content marketing efforts, featuring storytelling, SEO optimization, and social media integration
  • Cross-cultural understanding and collaboration.
  • Consolidation of conflicting feedback across departments and hierarchy levels (we all know those word docs with comments in many colours…)
  • Track record, including sustainability reports and sustainability project website

Please feel free to contact me if you need assistance with any of these tasks.

Stefan Golling

About the Author

Stefan Golling, Cologne, Germany. Worked since 1998 as a Copywriter and Creative Director in (Network) Agencies and freelances since 2011 as German Freelance Copywriter, Marketing Freelancer, Creative Consultant etc., e.g., in international projects.

Industries served as a Sustainability Copywriter:

  • Food Industry
  • Food Ingredients Industry
  • Industrial Production
  • Apparel & Fashion
  • Non-University Research Institutions

Talk to me about your sustainability or CSR project

What is a Sustainability Copywriter?

A Sustainability Copywriter conceives, drafts and writes communication material such as sustainability reports. Challenges arise from gathering sustainability topics originating from various sectors of the organization: introducing net-zero production facilities alongside employee health programs and procurement initiatives involving African countries. Topics span across industries, mirroring the broad scope of the UN’s seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) guiding global sustainability efforts. Furthermore, conveying numerical datasets calls for artful summarization, interpretation, and strategic omissions.

Effective external communication ensures that sustainability efforts extend beyond internal stakeholders. Consider implementing editorial calendars or roadmaps for sharing stories on platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram, exploring video formats, and leveraging CSR-topics for recruitment and customer acquisition purposes. A Sustainability Copywriter addresses all these concerns.

What is CSDDD?

CSDDD denotes the European Union’s “Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive,” commonly called the “Lieferkettengesetz” (Supply Chain Law) in Germany. Companies exceeding milestones of 1,000 employees and €450M annual revenues meet criteria for inclusion, affecting numerous mid-sized enterprises along with commodity manufacturers and distributors. Additional bureaucracy introduces overhead expenses absorbed into raw materials and intermediate product pricing, indirectly raising final consumer costs. Nevertheless, expectations persist that coercive labor practices and environmentally harmful operations worldwide diminish.

What is a CSR Freelancer?

A CSR Freelancer acts as an independent consultant, creative thinker, project coordinator, or administrative assistant – typically combining roles – supporting corporations in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) teams. External resources prove beneficial for organizations facing understaffed sustainability teams. If you require a CSR Freelancer, please feel free to reach out.

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